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The Intensive Training Program is a short-term (6 - 24 month) residential placement designed to assist children with intellectual/developmental disabilities and behavioral issues, ages 5 to 21 years, or for as long as the individual is receiving services. Individuals who are currently receiving waiver services can also be accepted for a six-month period without the family losing the waiver services. Each of the three homes, located in the northern section of Romney, holds eight children of similar ages and promotes a family-oriented atmosphere. The program teaches adaptation skills to enable the child to function more independently with their family or other group setting. Highly supervised and structured, a team approach is used to develop programs focused on individual needs, which vary depending on functioning level and/or behavioral challenges.

Program/supports may include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavior Support

  • Community Skills

  • Personal Care / Self Preservation

  • Domestic Skills

  • Safety

  • Educational Support

  • Social Skills

  • Sexual Awareness / Appropriateness

  • Nursing


Educational placement is determined by each child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) and support team. The children attend Hampshire County Schools. During the summer months, the children participate in a day habilitation/activities program.

Recreational activities include sporting events, shopping, skiing, skating, and bowling, plus the campus has a gymnasium, activities room, and large state-of-the-art playground.

For more information regarding the program contact the Program Manager at 304-822-3861 ext. 135.  To make a referral contact the Admission Specialist at 304-822-3861 ext. 139 or the Service Coordinator Supervisor at 304-822-3861 ext. 175.


Potomac Center is assisting the state of West Virginia with their goal for safety and permanency for every child. Potomac Center will provide the following services to families interested in any of these three program options.

  • Completed Home Studies for foster/adoptive homes.

  • Monthly safety monitoring of the homes.

  • Professional training to prepare families including PRIDE training.

  • Continued training yearly.

  • Service coordination to help link children to any needed services including therapy, behavioral supports, and medical needs.

  • Birth family visitation supervision.


Foster Care Program


Potomac Center offers foster care services to children who need a safe and loving family living environment. Foster care is designed primarily as a temporary service to help families and children in crisis until the family can be reunified. If for some reason the family cannot be reunified, then the child may become available for adoption.



Potomac Center is currently a member of the "Partners in Permanency" project. This project began in July of 2010 and is a partnership between the Bureau for Children and Families and Foster Care Agencies that are licensed to provide adoption services. Goals of this project are to facilitate more timely completion of adoptions and provide better service continuity to the involved children and their families. When children from either of the above programs have parental rights terminated or voluntarily relinquished and there are no other family options, then the child will become available for adoption. Potomac Center also receives referrals for children who are available for adoption. Potomac Center will provide services until the adoption is completed.


For more information, please contact Teresa Berg, Foster Care Program Coordinator, or Megan Combs, Home-Finder.

Teresa Berg –                     Telephone 304-538-8111               email:

Megan Combs –                Telephone 304-538-8111               email:

                        For more information or to download an application, please click the links below


Title XIX IDD Waiver Program



The WV I/DD Waiver Program is a Federal and State funded Medicaid program designed to deliver services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities within their community surroundings.


With a highly qualified team of professionals, we strive to provide services as described within the context of an Individualized Program Plan, using a person-centered approach that encourages individuals to achieve the highest level of independence and self-sufficiency possible within their communities.


We have four Waiver Group Homes in the community.  In these homes we provide Behavior Support Professional 1, Nursing Services (RN & LPN), Licensed Group Home, Unlicensed Group Home and Environmental Accessibility Adaptation. 


We also provide Conflict-Free Case Management services for individuals in the community. 


For more information or to make a referral, contact the Program Manager at 304-822-3861, ext.153


Health, Wellness, and Nursing Services


The Potomac Center is staff with Registered Nurses to ensure the health and wellness of the individuals served.  The nursing staff at the Potomac Center works within the facility to promote optimal healthcare for the individuals served from basic care tasks to the management of potentially life-threatening situations. Nurses are a part of the Internal Team the major decision-making team for the individuals in addition to managing the medical appointments. The nursing department proactively provides health and wellness education to individuals and staff. Daily physical activity and healthy eating choices are encouraged. A state-of-the-art medication delivery system provides efficient, quality medication delivery.  Nurses are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.



Birch Lane Group Home


Birch Lane Group Home is located in a quiet residential neighborhood within walking distance of downtown Romney. This residence is home to six teens in need of emotional and behavioral supports. Using the team approach, youth and staff work together to identify priority goals and develop individualized plans for their future. The primary focus is to support these youth as they ready themselves for adulthood. In a fun, family atmosphere, they learn to budget money, get along with others, deal with disappointment and make positive choices.

The teens at Birch Lane attend Hampshire County schools and are involved in after-school activities. In the summer months, they are kept very busy, biking, gardening, traveling to amusement parks, and swimming.

Staff at Birch Lane is specially trained to assist and support young people with challenging behaviors.

For more information or to make a referral, contact the Services Coordinator at 304-822-3759.

Washington Street Group Home


Washington Street Group Home sits in a quiet residential section of Romney, where the neighbors are friendly. The group home accommodates eight adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our staff, which usually numbers a 3 to 8 ratio,
provide 24-hour continuous supports in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.


The majority of those living here attend the local community workshop for day programming and vocational skills training.
Those who do not attend the workshop stay at the group home for skill training in basic needs and community development.


Throughout the year we engage in community activities such as walking at local tracks or parks, trips to the river for fishing, visiting various state parks, using the local library, and trips to movie theaters, stores, restaurants, and bowling alleys. Summer trips include amusement parks and aquariums.


For more information or to make a referral, contact the Program Manager at 304-822-3759.

Camp Hanging Rock


Camp Hanging Rock is a 22-acre wooded site located about 4.5 miles north of Potomac Center's main campus. Those served by the Center can enjoy a large picnic pavilion with a stone fireplace and barbecue, campfire circle, beach volleyball court, basketball court, horseshoe pits, and hiking trails.

The camp was named after a nearby local landmark, Hanging Rock, a rock outcropping along the South Branch of the Potomac River.

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